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The Crew Production Incorporated's Journal
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Monday, April 5th, 2004
6:16 pm
brief music video idea
BlueMan612: like a live version of a song being played by a shitty local band...but they're all playing like they were playing live...so the track has like the audience screming and what not in the backround but they're playing in a garage imagining they're playing for someone
TheEgyptGame: that's neat
BlueMan612: like maybe some panties and shoes could be thrown at them....it could be fun...and like at the end pan the camera to show like a dog and like two little kids sitting in the driveway like not even paying attention...
BlueMan612: and then after the music fades the mother yelling at the kid to take out the garbage...fade to black
BlueMan612: actually i could probably make that happen
Wednesday, March 10th, 2004
3:57 am
High and smoking a cigarette...
SceneCollapse )

And that's the shit I think up.

Ps. Ultra Dupadidupa-Diet-No -Sugar-No-Caffienated-No-Meatloaf-Diet-Coke was also a possible option.

Current Mood: amused
Wednesday, January 28th, 2004
5:47 pm
Just a few suggestions, on the fly...
•A guy, maybe like Tory, riding down the street and not only being really fucking annoying and singing along to the music, but he's also reenacting the whole music video while driving erratically down the road (Also could be funny if he were listening to something silly... like Lilith fair shit... or rap music.)

•Have any of you seen that preacher guy who stands out by the UCF library and rants and yells at the top of his lungs? He's all preachery and yells at all the people on the sidewalk that they're all going to hell, calling the girls in short skirts sluts, etc. I see a whole crowd of people gathered around a really loud, annoying one.. extremely so... and then get him tackled. Straight out of no where, sacked. And then possibly have a fight... like Guerby/Virgil type shit

•Girls... naked... jello... wrestling.

I don't know what else... just thought I would put some ideas out there, see if anything happens

Current Mood: geeky
Saturday, October 25th, 2003
4:21 pm
genius...pure genius
ok bear with me for a moment...

sock puppet
talk show host (its been done i know...but so what...its all been done)
opening theme is the intro to the song head over heels by tears for fears

so ya it could be comic genius or another idea that never gets off the ground...bah lets do this!
Saturday, October 11th, 2003
3:55 am

music video to air supply's all out of love:
basically us lip synching it...with like one of us as the lead and the rest back up singing...kind of a wayne's world only more shots and more gay...could be fun

im sittting in a way that i can feel my pulse in my left ass cheek...heh crazy body!

perhaps us lip synching dont worry be happy on the beach angel would be down for that

i dunno...just random ideas... :P
Wednesday, September 17th, 2003
12:24 pm
General Idea

Noodle's Movie "Road Trip"
A planned road trip between Noodle, Virgil, and Tory
to go to a concert in tampa. Somehow Guerby ends up
going along. Guerby wasn't suppose to go along. Guerby
had to be at work in an hour, after the two hour drive
there they realize this. They refuse to take Guerby
back to Orlando cause of the concert. Gurby does not
have a ticket and the show is sold out. Guerby can't
sneak in so he has to stay outside. Tory, Virgil, and
Noodle go to the concert leaving Guerby to fend for
himself in tampa. Craziness insues. Guerby has
adventures throughout Tampa. The guys rock out.

Guerby's Movie "Insignificant Momments'
A movie filled with random scenes filmed all over
Orlando based on little inside jokes between Virgil,
Tory, Noodle, and Guerby. All the scenes will seem
unrelated but in the end have a singular connection.
Idea still under development.

Music Videos
"Milk and Cereal"
A music video to the song 'Milk and Cereal' by G Love
and the Special Sauce. Tory and Noodle go to a Super
market to buy milk and cereal. They get into an
arguement over which cereal to get and cause mayham in
the cereal aisle. They spill cereal all over and get
kicked out.

A music video to the song of 'Gurrila Radio' by Rage
Against... A video filled with a bunch of scenes of
Virgil, Tory, Noodle, Guerby, and possible others
beating the shit out of each other with boxing gloves.
That's pretty much the idea.

------Feel free to add any further input or idea's-------

Current Mood: awake
Thursday, August 28th, 2003
11:08 am
Tory! Noodle!

I need to see you guys!

I have a really good movie Idea! We can totally do it, as long as we don't procrastanate and shit! And i know Noodle is always saying shit about buying film! Fuck that! Fuck the raw footage! I'm in it for the final product! You need to bust out those damn tapes and record over that shit! I really want to make a movie or do something! Damn, stop being so lazy guys!

Anyway... I should probably type up my idea or something but I get the feeling Noodle would shoot it down or something! I need to talk to ya'll personally.

Movies guys! We need to get on top of that shit! It's been nearly a year! We talk a lot of shit, lets get out there and do it! God damn!

Current Mood: creative
Tuesday, August 19th, 2003
2:10 pm
Let's get crackin'!
Movies! We need to get on top of that shit gentleman!

Current Mood: excited
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